Add Luxury to Your Skincare Routine With a Face Mask

Let’s face it: masks are having a moment. Obviously, we’re referring to the ones that you put on in the privacy of your own home. They may seem like the ultimate indulgence, but face-and-neck masks have sublime skin-boosting ingredients in concentrated amounts that can provide instant results-- especially when you find the perfect mask for your skin type. 

You’ve got your next Netflix date on the calendar, so let’s pick the right couch partner for you!

For a deep exfoliation.

To thoroughly cleanse the widened pores due to excessive amounts of sebum in your skin, the Green Tea Miracle Face-and-Neck Sheet Mask boosts the exfoliating action of the detoxifying complex that contains lactic, citric and malic acids thanks to its green tea infusion – naturally full of antioxidant polyphenols. The red seaweed arginines help remove impurities and moisturize, while pineapple extract minimizes blemishes and pores. After just 10 minutes the skin is visibly brighter, and the complexion smooth and silky, as if you just stepped out of the beauty salon. Get the Green Tea Miracle Face and Neck Mask

For a quick fix me up.
Puffy and tired eyes are a concern for everyone - especially when allergy season is upon us. We’re blessing you with a soft fabric mask, soaked with an antioxidant White Tea infusion, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and soothing distilled chamomile and cornflower waters, gradually releasing its anti-age, anti-dark circle and anti-fatigue active ingredients. In only a few minutes, your eye contour will feel revitalized and brightened with a fresher, more relaxed appearance, and visibly reduced wrinkles and swelling. Get the White Tea Miracle Eye Mask

For an instant glow.

While our skin naturally exfoliates, this process can be slowed down by aggressors such as allergies, sleep deprivation, and poor nutrition. As a result, a buildup of dead skin cells can cause pore-clogging, blackheads, breakouts, and dull skin. Get your glow back in under 10 minutes with a revolutionary beauty mask that is formulated with a white tea leaf infusion to make the antioxidant action of the most powerful polyphenols (Epigallocatechin EGCG) even more effective.  Get the Imperial Tea Miracle Face Mask