How to Layer Products Like a Pro

You come to a point in life when your FOMO is replaced by a fantasy of a cozy night in with your beloved skincare products. If you’re like us, and you’ve reached that point of no return, stay with us as we get into the nitty-gritty of a thorough beauty routine.

First of all, the rule of thumb is that no matter how many products constitute your regimen you should ALWAYS go from the thinnest product to the thickest one. Therefore, all your serums should definitely be put on before your moisturizer and eye cream. And you should start the skin love-in by prepping your face with a neutralizing toner. 

Secondly, it is best to let the products sink in by allowing a few seconds in between each new application. For instance, we try to count 10 seconds in between all our products to make sure they have the time to be fully absorbed. Secretly, though, we sometimes love to mix products together like a skin smoothie to cut down the total time dedicated to our daytime and nighttime routines. 

If mixing is your jam, be aware that some ingredients should stay separate in order to minimize the chances of irritation. For example, retinol based products tend to not mix well with BHA and AHA since both of these ingredients are quite intense for your face. It is best to use one or the other on the nights that your face needs some extra TLC. We recommend using BHA products on a daily basis so on the nights that you’d like to use retinol, it would be best to skip the exfoliation. 

If you’re looking for some new products to add to your routine, here are some suggestions: 

Rose Tea Toning Essence

If you are not familiar with toners and essences, we made it simple for you by combining the best of both worlds with an alcohol-free toner-essence that preps your face to receive all the best nutrients naturally. 

White Tea Miracle Drops

The name says it all. Miraculous and luxurious, this can’t-get-enough serum can be applied alone or combined with your go-to moisturizer. 

Matcha Tea Ultra-Firming Eye Cream

Do not underestimate the power of an eye cream, especially one that doubles up as a lip contour to help neutralize lines around the mouth area thanks to its smoothing effects due to the matcha tea infusion.