Hello beau-teas!

Would you like to know more about the origins of TEAOLOGY SKINCARE?

As you may already know, Teaology was founded out of a passion centering around beauty, well-being, and above all, tea! A passion that stems from a love story between Cecilia Garofano and Paolo Bevegni. Merging their 40 years of experience in the international beauty industry, and their interest in the divine plant Camellia Sinensis and its various beneficial properties, the couple created a tea-based line of skincare in 2015. A company offering wonderful products born from determination and love!

"Tea has always been part of my life. I am fascinated by the traditions of this miraculous plant that go back thousands of years, its nuance-enhanced history, and, of course, its exceptional antioxidant efficacy that I notice every day on my skin. Tea is a lively and vibrant ingredient." - Cecilia Garofano.

Cecilia and Paolo both studied economics at the same Italian university before finally meeting during their master's degree studies in international marketing.

The duo then worked with large companies in the beauty products sector in Italy, including PUPA Milano and Collistar. Their distinct areas of expertise, as well as the business relationships resulting from their many years of working in the sector, have allowed them access to high-end production facilities and suppliers. Helping them test and create 100% tea-based products that eventually led to the creation of Teaology.

When it was released in the summer of 2015, Teaology quickly became a resounding success! It is in Poland, in the Czech Republic, and Latvia that we have seen the product emerge first, specifically in Douglas stores, the second-largest retailer of beauty products in the world. It is, therefore, no surprise that the company was able to win a significant place in 15 markets in less than a year! Today the Teaology range is sold in Poland, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Holland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and now Canada!

"With Teaology, we have pushed tea to the next level to create functional and intuitive cosmetics that offer women the benefits of skincare inspired by nature and life." - Cecilia Garofano

If passion guided the creation of Teaology, then it is expertise, innovation, research, and years of hard work for Cecilia and Paolo that have helped set up an extraordinary company that is continuously reinventing itself.

Have you not discovered Teaology face and body care yet? Now is the time!