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Matcha Tea Ultra-Firming Eye Cream


Matcha Tea infusion and Vitamin C.  Anti-pollution protection. 15ml

This precious Matcha Tea-infused eye cream works in synergy with its "cooling-effect" ceramic applicator to target signs of ageing, under-eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness. The Matcha Tea infusion and Vitamin C act as an intensive boost against fine lines and wrinkles, while a special algae extract and caffeine combat dark circles and bags, so the eye contour appears smooth, toned and bright.

      How to use: In the morning and evening, gently apply a small amount with the ceramic applicator or the fingertips, starting from the inside corner of the eye moving out towards the temples, and again on the upper eyelid from the inside corner to the outside corner. Repeat three times.

      Beauty Tip: Use as a lip balm or lip contour to smoothe and minimize imperfections.


      • Matcha Tea Infusion -  Nourishing, Smoothing
      • Brown algae extract - Brightens
      • Caffeine - Energizes
      • Vitamin C - Revitalizes

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