Teaology Skincare

Rose Tea Micellar Cleansing Water


Black tea infusion and rose water. 150 ml

This micellar solution with rose essence and black tea infusion acts as a powerful makeup remover. Its gentle, light, no-rinse formula leaves the skin feeling refreshed, smoothed and hydrated. It effectively removes makeup, cleanses and hydrates for soft, clean and radiant skin. No rinse necessary.

      How to use: Place a cotton pad onto the top surface of the bottle and press gently. Apply over the entire face. No rinse necessary.

      Beauty Tip: Refreshes and treats under-eye bags and dark circles. Works on face, eyes, and lips. 


      • Black Tea Infusion - Energizing, Perfecting
      • Rosewater - Purifying, Detoxifying 
      • D-Panthenol - Softens and Strengthens Lashes
      • Almond oil - Nourishing

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