Matcha Tea Ultra-Firming Face Cream

Matcha tea infusion and 9 plants active complex. 50 ml

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Redensifies, conceals and lifts. Its velvety texture blends instantly into the skin, leaving it immediately firmer and smoother, and the natural green color of Matcha Tea performs a concealing action on blemishes as the special mineral pigments and "soft focus effect" powders even and brighten every skin tone.

Apply mornings and evenings on face and neck, gently massaging to help it absorb and to trigger the texture’s concealing and smoothing action.


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Review by Joy
I love anything with Matcha and this is of course one of them :) The matcha smell in this cream is really refreshing and nice scent of green tea. My mother even loves this when she use it herself.
Skin looks brighter and i use this as a night cream. A glow which korean skin care is really into now. (Posted on 2/7/2019)


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Matcha Tea Ultra-Firming Face Cream

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Black Tea

The amazing plant of Tea is called Camellia Sinensis , an evergreen tree that grows both in the plain and at high altitudes in hot and humid climates.

From this plant can be obtained more than 5.000 different kinds of tea.
BLACK TEA is a fermented tea rich in caffeine, theobromine and theaflavins that have an antioxidant and stimulant action.
Teaology Black Tea comes from South East Asia plantations with manual harvest from three to five years of maturity of the plant.

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