The Founders

TEAOLOGY came to be in the romantic landscapes of Italy. Cecilia Garofano worked for years in the cosmetics industry in the largest European companies. Thanks to her unconditional love of tea; in her spare time, she was also interested in the benefits of different types of teas for health, and for the skin. It was during a visit to Canada, after discovering tea salons and tea shops, that she wanted to develop a range of tea products. All that remained was to figure out for what use.

Along with her husband Paolo, she worked hard to find innovative product idea incorporating tea properties. Their combined experience of forty years in the beauty and cosmetics industry naturally led them to imagine a line of skin products. But it was harder than it seemed. "How do we transfer the tea properties into the skin care products?", they wondered.

It was through hard work with a chemistry team that the answer was given to them: a unique and patented concept of cosmetics where, in each of the products, water is replaced by tea infusion. Following this discovery, Cecilia and Paolo took the plunge and devoted themselves full-time to this project, which led to the fear of "later on" in Canada, Canada being the 22nd country opened by the couple in partnership with SOVANIC, a Quebec company.

Despite TEAOLOGY's sensational growth, Cecilia, who remains absolutely passionate, continues to develop products with the healthiest and most beneficial ingredients for the skin. And she personally chooses the best teas found in the various formulas that TEAOLOGY offers to its customers. Because for Cecilia, each TEAOLOGY product is like a cup of tea: stimulating and comforting at the same time, made with love, from the love of tea, and for the sake of healthy skin.