An expertly-nuanced selection of scents is imperative to the beautiful sensory experience that is Teaology. Nothing has been left to chance. Each product’s fragrance has been carefully crafted by the master perfumists of Firmenich to uniquely enhance their cosmetic properties and sensual qualities. The result is a beautiful synergy of harmonious and enveloping scents.

The heart of our green tea fragrance lies in freshness and lightness, tempered by the gentle inflections of peony. The initial spark of Amalfi lemon is softened by a caress of white peaches, while the florality of Arabian jasmine rests on the coarser base of cedar and the warming, sweet notes of musk.

The white tea fragrance opens in freshness with bergamot, and moves to floral notes with hints of magnolia and rose. Into the essence of warming whitewood and musk jumps the fruity hint of osmanthus in this fragrance’s final crescendo.