Vibrating Rose Quartz Lifting Roller



The roller is designed to massage the face for relieving stress and tension while pro- moting lymphatic drainage.  It stimulates microcirculation, reduces swelling and makes the skin more toned and radiant.

Our difference? THE SONIC VIBRATION. With over 6000 sonic vibrations per minute this luxurious rose quartz face roller sculpts and visibly reshapes face contours. Just few minutes per day to achieve great results!

CHIN: Starting from the jaw, slide the roller towards the ears and under the chin, repeat the movement 5 times on each side.
CHEEKS: Starting from the jaw, slide the roller upwards and repeat the movement 5 times on each side.
FRONT: Slide the roller upwards between the eyebrows and towards the hairline for one minute
NECK: Slide the roller up and down for 3 minutes.
LIP: Place over the lip, under the nose for 10 seconds over the entire lip area. Repeat 5 times.
EYE CONTOUR: To reduce the swelling of the eye area, gently slide under the eye towards the outside and the ear. Repeat 5 times each side.

BeauTEA Tips: For a quick swelling of the eye area and face place the roller in the refrigerator for a few hours before use.

- Firms, lift and sculpts the contours of the face
- Improves microcirculation
- Increases the elasticity of the  skin
- Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
Improves the natural radiance of the skin
Leaves fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces pores
- Increases absorption of skin care products
- Helps relieve muscle tension
- It can also be used on the body to firm arms and legs.