Teaology Skincare

Black Matcha Micellar Jelly Cleanser


Micellar cleanser with Matcha Tea infusion and charcoal pearls.  Anti-pollution protection.

Size: 150ml

A soap-free facial cleanser, this innovative gel uses micellar technology and detoxifying charcoal beads to remove makeup and impurities without drying the skin. Its Matcha tea infusion is packed full of antioxidants for rejuvenating and revitalizing power, and its anti-pollution certification means it protects your skin from the harsher side of the environment.*
(*protects from dryness caused by environmental stressors such as urban pollution).

      How to use: Massage the gel on damp skin for a few seconds to melt the charcoal beads. 

      Beauty Tip: For an intensive exfoliating and purifying action leave on as a mask for 1 minute and then rinse.


      • Matcha Tea Infusion -  Nourishing, Smoothing
      • Active charcoal pearls - Detoxifying, Purifying
      • AHA acids - Exfoliating
      • Açai and green tea extracts - Nourishing, Energizing

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