100% Organic Tea Infusion, 0% Water

We believe that what is good for you, is good for your skin too. For this reason, we have enhanced our cosmetic products with the benefits of Tea, a millennial medicinal plant. To do that, we have developed a patented technology. 

Tea Infusion Skincare

The nutrients of a cup of tea are inside each of our products. We use 5 different organic tea infusion, rich in antioxidant polyphenols, minerals and vitamins, instead of water. 


“It would be during a trip to Canada, where she discovered tea houses and the tea ceremony, that her idea sparked”

Teaology’s story began in the romantic landscapes of Italy. Cecilia Garofano, seasoned professional of the European cosmetics industry, had worked many years for the big names in beauty. But ever-present alongside her career stood her unconditional love of tea. Over the years, Cecilia became increasingly interested in the plant’s health-enhancing and potentially beautifying properties. It would be during a trip to Canada, where she discovered tea houses and the tea ceremony, that her idea sparked; she would fuse her professional experience with her passion for this miraculous plant.

Joined by her husband Paolo, this power couple had over 40 years experience in the cosmetics industry to help them imagine and create a skincare line that would contain the potent compounds of Camellia Sinensis. But the question remained, how would they confer the beautifying benefits of tea to the skin?

Needless to say, they did their research. The couple paired up to work arduously with a team of chemists to develop a unique and patented cosmetic process, whereby the product’s entire water content would be replaced by a 100% tea infusion. This revolutionary discovery gave them no choice; they would from this point on, dedicate themselves full-time to this project. Teaology rapidly made its way to markets worldwide, with Canada being the 22nd country to open its market to this skincare line, in partnership with the home-grown Québécois company, SOVANIC.

Our Difference


100% Active

This patented technology enables the substitution of water with real tea infusion, rich in anti-oxidants, mineral salts and vitamins.


Safe & Substainable

We use organic tea infusion, a high percentage of natural ingredients and we make our products both safe, sustainable and efficient with the help of science.


Good for your Skin

Every product is tested under the strict control of a dermatologist, to guarantee the safety and tolerability on every skin type.