Organic Black Tea Infusion 

Black tea is a fermented tea rich in caffeine, theobromine and theaflavin that has stimulating, energizing and antioxidant effects.

Drosera - Carnivorous Plant

This carnivorous plant is considered as a "fat-eating" plant. It reduces fat cells and prevents them from storing fat. Its effectiveness is scientifically proven by in vitro tests carried out on fat cells.

AHAs Complex of plant Origin

They instantly smooth and lift the skin minimizing imperfections. AHAs eliminate dead cells making the skin more permeable and ready to receive slimming active ingredients.

Natural Extracts of Birch, Pineapple, Centella

They activate the skin metabolism, make the skin more toned and improve its elasticity.

Butcher's Broom and Escin Complex

Protective vessel action, promote the drainage of excess fluids.


Thanks to the cold effect determines an immediate lowering of the skin temperature giving a feeling of lightness and relief to tired and heavy legs.

Hyaluronic Acid - High Molecular Weight

Keeps your skin hydrated, soft and radiant.