Blue Tea: A semi-fermented tea, a process that is stopped as soon as the leaves begin to turn a green-blue color. Oolong, a distinct variety of Blue Tea, is grown mainly in the Chinese region of Fujian and its name means "black dragon" given the particular shape of its large leaves which, when rolled and dried, take on the appearance of small dragons. It is a precious source of minerals and antioxidants derived from the polyphenols which are active in counteracting the action of free radicals. Antioxidant, Brightening, Moisturizing, Regenerating, Protective

Mimosa: It creates a protective barrier on the skin ensuring hydration and protection. Rich in tannins and flavonoids, these work actively in the regeneration of chapped and weakened skin by the cold.

Karite Butter: Thanks to its emollient and nourishing properties, it allows you to protect your hands and nails from external agents, such as sun rays, wind and cold, ensuring optimal hydration.

White Flowers: Rich in nutrients for the skin of hands and nails, they have softening and soothing properties.

Vegetable Keratin: A complex of low and medium molecular weight proteins, derived from wheat, rice, corn and soybeans, which promote a reconstruction and filling action on the surface of the nail.